Ice Cream & Sorbet

"Laura Greenfield's ice creams are legendary"
Delicious Magazine Australia

Chef Laura Greenfield loves making ice cream. And our customers love eating it! The flavours will remind you of desserts you love, sparkly aperitifs, and childhood kiwi classics; all churned to excite your taste buds.

Whether it's a hot summer day, a relaxed afternoon at our eatery or dessert after a superb meal, there’s nothing quite like our ice creams. 

$7 a scoop, also available takeaway for $6.


Marmalade Churned with house-made Seville orange marmalade
Peanut butter, chocolate & salted caramel Our most popular flavour
Vanilla Perfect on its own or paired with our puddings and cakes
Honeycomb Our take on the kiwi classic & kids favourite Hokey Pokey
Stem Ginger Candied ginger for a real ginger hit
Lemon meringue Lemon ice cream, lemon curd & chunks of meringue
Rum & raisin Golden raisins soaked in dark rum
Blackcurrant Puckeringly plump purple kiwi blackcurrants
Stem Ginger Chunks of crystallised ginger


Elderflower & champagne foraged elderflower with champagne
Strawberry, basil & black pepper a delightful combination of flavours

We regularly churn seasonal ice creams, Check out our list at our eatery.