Campo & Verde

wellington on a plate | 01 August - 16 august 2019

For two weeks only Field & Green will be transformed into 'Campo & Verde' offering the distinct cuisine of 'Cucina Ebraica Romanesca'. Crafted in the Jewish ghetto of Rome and 2,000 years in the making, we will explore a remarkable mix of the distinctive flavours of Italy, the Middle East, and Spain along with kosher traditions. You'll discover that many Italian dishes have Jewish roots through the introduction of new produce like aubergine, artichoke and fennel, mixed with foreign spices and pastes, and later enriched by Iberian influences. Head chef Laura Greenfield will create a mouthwatering menu, each dish is an invitation to the unexpected delights in both Italian and Jewish cuisine.

menu | lunch & dinner

Primi | First Course
Caponata all Giuda Italian aubergine salad Jewish style 17
Torta di Erbe Artichoke, spinach & pea tart 18
Frittelle di Baccalà Salt cod fritters 19
Carne di manzo Cured beef, rocket & lemon 21
Supplì al Telefono Roman rice & mozzarella croquettes 17

Secondi | Second Course
Spalla di Montone Braised lamb shoulder with olives & fennel, saffron olive oil mash 29
Carbonara alla Giudia Carbonara Jewish style 24
Bucatini Cicoria e Bottagra Pasta with chicory & dried fish roe 23
Polpette di Pollo in bianco Chicken meatballs in white wine sauce 23
Coda alla Vaccinara Oxtail stew 27
Haraimi Spicy fish with chickpeas 26

Contorni | Sides
Gnocchi alla Romana Roman-Style Gnocchi 19
Carciofi Alla Giudia Roman-Jewish deep-fried Artichoke, anchovy mayonnaise 7
Torzelli Deep-fried curly endive 10
Finocchi Gratinati baked fennel 18
Insalata Rocket & pear salad, Pecorino, lemon dressing 12

Dolce | Dessert
Wellington on a Plate Festival Dish / Cassola baked Zany Zeus ricotta & orange zest soufflé, marmalade, Baron Hasselhoff's chocolate sauce 15
Field & Green's ice cream & sorbet, unique to 'Campo & Verde' / per scoop 7
Biscotti & Vin Santo ice cream | Mocha ice cream | Limoncello sorbet
Pizza Ebracia sweet Roman-Jewish 'pizza' 5