Weekly menu

Dishes inspired by European food influences - made from fresh, local ingredients and changing weekly. We also regularly have specials during the week.

"The food is rustic, understated and delicately cooked; 
Laura calls it European soul food - think comfort food with class" NZ House & Garden

19 July - 23 July 2017

all day eats

Marinated sardines on char-grilled sourdough  $15
Smashed peas, avocado, preserved lemon, Parmesan, toast, poached egg  $20

Bacon sandwich, HP / ketchup  $14
Welsh rarebit  $15
Sautéed mushrooms & spinach on toasted brioche, Madeira sauce  $18
Fish finger sandwich, tartare sauce, rocket  $18
Masala duck livers & sautéed spinach on toast  $18
Baked eggs, spicy lentils, mint yoghurt, toast  $19

Salad of sautéed barley, roast squash, halloumi, lemon yoghurt  $19
Salt beef hash, paprika potatoes, sweet onion, sour cream & gherkins  $20
Ham, gruyere & mustard omelette  $20
Kedgeree, soft boiled egg, curry oil  $22

dine from 11am

Cauliflower & Red Leicester soup, garlic crumbs  $14
Clam & saffron risotto  $18 | 27
Deviled quail, polenta bread, chive crème fraîche  $19

Twice-baked goat cheese soufflé, roast red onion, tomato, rocket pesto, bruschetta  $25
Pork belly, rhubarb & ginger relish, sautéed sage potatoes & cabbage  $27
Fillets of lemon sole, petit pois, Hollandaise  $28

Curried coleslaw, spring onion & toasted coconut  $10
Sautéed Brussels sprouts, dates & bacon  $10
Polenta & Parmesan chips, harissa mayonnaise  $10


Field & Green's ice cream & sorbet  $5 per scoop
Sticky toffee slice, toffee sauce  $9 / with vanilla ice cream  $14
Mandarin jelly & clotted cream  $10
Apple crumble & Calvados custard  $12
British cheese, fennel crackers, mango chutney  $17


Clotted cream fudge  $3
Shortbread  $3
Eccles cake  $6
Raspberry & chocolate mud cake  $8
Red Leicester cheese scone  $6
Toasted tea cake, orange & cinnamon butter  $6
Homemade crumpet, honeycomb butter  $11

See our Breakfast menu for dishes available before 11am.