Breakfast menu

Start the day right & eat breakfast! Pop in for one of our famous cheese scones or sit down for leisurely plate of kedgeree. Our seasonal breakfast menu is available all day.

from 8am

Red Leicester cheese scone  $6
Toasted tea cake, orange & cinnamon butter  $6
Brioche toast with jam | marmalade  $8
Homemade crumpet, honeycomb butter  $11
Muesli, poached fruit, rosewater yoghurt, organic milk  $15
Muesli, poached fruit, coconut yoghurt, soy milk  $15
Crepes, lime curd, cream cheese, blackberry compote  $18

Bacon sandwich, HP | ketchup  $14
Welsh rarebit  $15
Marinated sardines on char-grilled sourdough  $15
Hummus, roast mushrooms, coriander chutney, sourdough toast  $17
Tuna Niçoise bruschetta, olive tapenade, soft boiled egg  $18
Fish finger sandwich, tartare sauce, rocket  $18
Salad of sautéed barley, roast squash, halloumi, lemon yoghurt  $19
Baked eggs, spicy lentils, mint yoghurt, toast  $19
Masala duck livers & sautéed spinach on toast  $19
Smashed peas, avocado, lemon, Parmesan, toast, poached egg  $18
Sausage, potato & sweet onion hash, puy lentils, salsa Rossa  $21
Kedgeree, soft boiled egg, curry oil  $22

See our Weekly menu for 'All Day Eats' & 'Dine After 11am' dishes.