Breakfast menu

Start the day right & eat breakfast! Pop in for one of our famous cheese scones or sit down for leisurely plate of kedgeree. Our seasonal breakfast menu is available all day.

We offer not the usual breakfast fayre & proudly are an egg bene free zone!
— Owner Raechal Ferguson

from 8 till 11

Red Leicester cheese scone  6
Toasted tea cake, orange & cinnamon butter  6
Brioche toast with jam | marmalade  8
Homemade crumpet, honeycomb butter  11
Muesli, poached fruit, pistachio orange blossom yoghurt, organic milk  15
Muesli, poached fruit, coconut yoghurt, soy milk  15

Bacon sandwich, HP | ketchup  15
Welsh rarebit  16
Sardine Bolognese, olives, capers, chilli, toast  16
Stuffed garlic mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise  16
Fish finger sandwich, tartare sauce, rocket  18
Bruschetta of white anchovies, smashed eggs, Nduja, leaves  18
Masala duck livers & sautéed spinach on toast  19

Courgette spaghetti, dill & mint pesto, cashew nuts, feta & lime yoghurt, tomatoes, toast  19
Rye crepes, smoked salmon, tarragon cream cheese, sultana & dill butter  21
Smashed peas, avocado, lemon, Parmesan, poached egg, toast  20
Crab & Gruyère omelette  22
Kedgeree, soft boiled egg, curry oil  22

Peoples Coffee  4 / 4.5 / Extras 50c
Ritual Tea Co teas  5
Hardieboys fresh orange juice  5

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